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Why your travel agency needs Couponbed!

Make Faster Qoutations

Make a qoutation in 15 seconds! You will know instantly how much it cost per head!

Customer Travel Calendar

Instantly see in the Customer Travel Calendar when your customer will travel!

Very very competitive rates

Our range of international tour packages are designed to help you book!

We know managing bookings, tracking employees and know customer travel dates are essential.

We help you make bookings faster and offer additional travel agency systems. Couponbed makes sure you can track employees, bookings and more!

Easy to track

The advanced tracking dashboard will help you to easily manage your bookings and no need to worry about a invoice for your customers. You can instantly generate an invoice and write your own price on the invoice.  

Create Employee accounts in seconds

Want to create a special account for employees? No problem at all. With Couponbed you can easily create a Desk ID for your staff in seconds. Create an account, track employees and manage bookings in seconds.  

A organized customer calender

Struggle to track when all your customers are traveling? With the Customer Travel Calendar you and your team will know exactly when your customer travels and what actions to take!

Very easy and userfriendly!

A very userfriendly system you will instantly understand how to use the system. Still struggle with Couponbed? Attend the Training Day at Couponbed`s Headquarters.